Louis E. Fry Jr.

Louis Edwin Fry Jr. (1928-2006), an architect who designed many buildings on the campuses of historically black colleges and universities, died from cancer earlier this month. He was 77 years old. Fry was a native of Prairie View, Texas. His father also was an architect who served as chair of the architecture departments at Tuskegee Institute and Lincoln University in Jefferson City, Missouri. The elder Fry designed the Founders Library and Douglas Hall at Howard University. Louis Fry Jr. was a 1947 graduate of Howard University and six years later earned a second bachelor’s degree at Harvard. After graduating from Harvard he studied architecture in the Netherlands on a Fulbright scholarship. In 1962 Fry earned a master’s degree in urban design at Harvard.


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a'lexa said...

I think that the work both Fry Jr. and Fry Sr. have done, especially on the urban landscape, has enhanced the field of architecture immensely. It is noteworthy that they were both Fellows of the American Institute of Architects.

Their legacy is continued by their son/grandson, Louis Fry III who has also done award-winning work in the Washington DC/Maryland area.