William Sidney Pittman : Knights of Pythias

Justin Terveen is a photographer that has a flickr page called "about the urban fabric". One of his images highlights the work of William Sidney Pittman.

Location: 2551 Elm Street

The Knights of Pythias, also known as the Union Bankers Building, is Deep Ellum’s most significant historic building. Designed in 1916 by William Sidney Pittman, Dallas’ first African-American architect, the Knights of Pythias was an important social and commercial center for the African-American community in Dallas. The building is a City of Dallas historic landmark, which affords it protection from demolition as well as potential historic preservation tax incentives. Still, the Knights of Pythias sits vacant and unused. While the owners have recently taken steps to better secure the building, this cultural landmark should be put back into use. We urge the owners to either sell the building or take steps to sensitively restore this exceptionally significant landmark.

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vaggav said...

I took have taken on the saving some part of this structure with the Texas Historical Commission, Due by oct 20, 2009 to be considered or will have to wait until next year 2010 fall. Recently at a Black Genealogical Society meeting was the first I heard of the building and when to trying to do something. Talked with Al Lipscomb, and other.
What I am searching for is info on the owner of the bldg in 1912, and 1916 I searched Black Knights of Pythias, who would have signed the deed to search at city for the original permits in the old papers. HELP HELP
The city of dallas declared the area a designation of landmark ordiance to protect the bldg from getting torn down. However I bet the owner knows that if he does not take care of the bldg it can be torn down and not declared historical because of the condition of the building. The city can force him to fix it. its matter of who do you put pressure on. However the Commission has a 3rd party nomination that does not require owner permission that is what I am going for. I need info info, which I have gathered in a week and reading to death. and Picturing it up.
Contact me if you want to put me in touch.
214.641.6237 Val.