Walter Blackburn, FAIA

Walter Blackburn (1938 - 2000) developed over the span of his career a dynamic firm, which has consistently garnered praise and awards for the quality of its designs. Blackburn, a prominent civic leader, devoted his entire career effectively combining sensitivity, social consciousness, and professionalism to preserving neighborhoods, rebuilding the Inner City, and creating beauty where there was blight.

Blackburn created a succession of critically acclaimed , award-winning buildings and developments that permeate the fabric of the city of Indianapolis. Blackburn's commitment to quality education led him to serve as a visiting professor at Ball State University and member of the board of Managers for Rose Hulman Institute of Technology.

Blackburn's exceptional and consistent leadership, earned him a U.S. Presidential appointment to the General Services Administration Review Board, a U.S. Presidential appointment to the National Institute of Building Sciences, and twice accorded the highest civilian honor in the State by the Governors of Indiana. His national recognition for extraordinary service and his humanistic approach to architecture as a social responsibility have made an indelible impression on the public.

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